Chuck Ros, SoftServe: Delivering transformative AI solutions responsibly



Chuck Ros, the Industry Success Director at SoftServe, offered valuable insights into the company’s AI initiatives, challenges encountered, and future strategies ahead of the AI & Big Data Expo North America, where SoftServe will exhibit its expertise.

Highlighting a recent AI project exemplifying SoftServe’s innovative approach, Ros discussed the company’s unique solution for a software firm in the field service management sector. The objective was to develop an intuitive, language model-enabled interface enabling field technicians to seamlessly access service histories, equipment documentation, and maintenance schedules, thereby enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Ros explained, “Our AI engineers devised a prompt evaluation pipeline integrating considerations such as cost, processing time, semantic similarity, and the likelihood of hallucinations.” This architecture significantly improved operational efficiencies for the customer, enhanced field users’ productivity, and conferred a competitive edge upon the software company and its clients, fostering additional innovation opportunities.

Acknowledging the undeniable potential of AI, Ros also addressed common mistakes businesses make when deploying AI solutions. He stressed the importance of robust data strategies, adequate data pipelines, and rigorous model testing. He cautioned against hastily deploying generative AI solutions without assessing feasibility and business viability, asserting, “We must consider whether it should be built as much as whether it can be built.”

In addressing ethical concerns surrounding AI development, Ros emphasized the necessity of human oversight throughout the process. SoftServe’s AI development approach involves structured engagements to evaluate data and algorithms, assess risks, and implement governance measures ensuring accountability and data traceability.

Looking forward, Ros foresees AI playing an increasingly vital role in SoftServe’s business strategy, with continued refinements to AI-assisted software development lifecycles and the introduction of new tools and processes to further enhance productivity. SoftServe’s research indicates that GenAI can boost programming productivity by up to 40 percent.

“I anticipate more models aiding us daily, assisting with tasks such as writing emails and documentation, and simplifying mundane tasks,” said Ros. “Over the next five years, I expect continual refinement of AI integration in software development lifecycles and the regular introduction of new tools, models, and processes to increase the productivity gain to 50 percent and beyond.”



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