TikTok turns to generative AI to boost its ads business



TikTok, the latest tech company to integrate generative AI into its advertising business, announced on Tuesday the launch of a new suite called “TikTok Symphony” aimed at brands. These tools are designed to assist marketers in scriptwriting, video production, and enhancing existing assets.

The suite features a new AI video generator named “Symphony Creative Studio,” which claims the ability to produce TikTok-ready videos with minimal advertiser input. It also offers pre-made videos tailored for ad campaigns based on assets from TikTok Ads Manager or product details.

Another component, the “Symphony Assistant,” serves as an AI aide for advertisers, aiding in script generation, refinement, and offering best practice recommendations. For example, brands can request attention-grabbing lines for a new lipstick launch or seek trending topics on TikTok for promotional ideas in specific industries.

TikTok’s “Symphony Ads Manager Integration” allows brands to automatically enhance and optimize their existing videos, making them more impactful. Additionally, the platform introduces “TikTok One,” a centralized hub for marketers to access creators, discover agency partners, and utilize creative tools.

Moreover, TikTok is rolling out new performance solutions leveraging predictive AI to help advertisers maximize sales. By inputting budgets and goals, advertisers can determine the most effective creative assets and target audiences for their campaigns.

The company also shared statistics indicating user engagement with ads, with 61% making purchases directly on or after seeing TikTok ads. Furthermore, 59% of users rely on TikTok to decide which games to download, while 52% research cars based on TikTok content.

Despite its advertising success, TikTok faces uncertainty in the U.S. due to potential regulatory issues. President Joe Biden recently signed a bill that could lead to a ban on TikTok unless its parent company, ByteDance, sells the app. Such a ban could create opportunities for other tech companies and startups to fill the void.”

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