RaConf'24 Cybersecurity Conference Took Place



RaConf’24, an important event in the field of cybersecurity, was held on April 18-19-20. Organized under the sponsorship of Blackbox Security – Technology & Cybersecurity Think Tank, the event hosted 2 days of training sessions and 1 day of conference sessions.

The Security Conference aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive experience through practical training and presentations by industry experts. The event not only allowed participants to gain information on topics of interest but also provided a platform for them to enhance their practical skills.

RaConf’24 continued to bring together all relevant stakeholders in the cybersecurity field to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Throughout the event, participants had the chance to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry and interact with experts, supported by Blackbox Security – Technology & Cybersecurity Think Tank.

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