We started the education project at Turkey's first cyber security high school

Kürşat Oğuzhan Akıncı, the Chairman of Blackbox Cyber Security Think Tank, was invited to Teknopark Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School as part of the Vertical Specialization Program in Cyber Security, supported by the Turkey Cyber Security Cluster. Akıncı was invited to provide inspiring education to students specialized in cyber security.


Initiated under the leadership of Teknopark Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, the ‘Vertical Specialization Program in Cyber Security’ aims to guide students with insights from leading figures in the industry. Serving as the first guest speaker of the program, Kürşat Oğuzhan Akıncı contributed to the development of future cyber security experts by sharing his experiences and expertise.

Akıncı’s presentation provided students with a significant perspective on the complexity of cyber threats and the critical role in this field, while also serving as a guide for young individuals aspiring to pursue a career in cyber security. Students not only gained knowledge about current technologies and threats but also learned the importance of crafting effective cyber security strategies.

Officials from Teknopark Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School expressed their satisfaction with Kürşat Oğuzhan Akıncı’s contribution to the education, extending their gratitude to the Blackbox Cyber Security Think Tank. Emphasizing that such collaborations enable young individuals to enhance their skills in cyber security and contribute value to the sector.

Events aimed at nurturing future leaders in the field of cyber security contribute significantly to enhancing Turkey’s international competitiveness in the cyber security sector.

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