HackerCamp 2023

The ‘Hackercamp 2023’ cybersecurity event, organized for the first time this year, is a specially designed competition and training program to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. As part of the event, cybersecurity training tailored to the centennial of our Republic was provided to 100 students. These students were given the opportunity to learn how to take security measures against modern cyber threats.

Following the training, the ‘CTF’ (Capture The Flag) competition involved participant groups in a challenge where specific vulnerabilities were assigned. Participating teams competed to identify and solve security flaws on the allocated systems. Participants, enhancing both their individual skills and teamwork, competed by earning points for each identified vulnerability. The team with the highest score was awarded the first prize.

This event stands out as a significant initiative aimed at encouraging and developing young talents in the field of cybersecurity. The competition is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of participants, strengthen their practical experience in cybersecurity, and enhance their teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to the development of talented individuals in the field of cybersecurity for the future.

HackerCamp 2023

The HackerCamp, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, BTK, BTK Academy, USOM , Anchor Security, Cyber Clubs Association, Brandefense, Blackbox Security, and PHISHY;

Commenced with opening speeches by our Institution President Mr. Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu, Department Head Mr. Mustafa Ermiş, and the General Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Mr. Taner Beyoğlu.

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