Google launches Gemini to replace Bard chatbot



Introduced in December, Bard was initially positioned as a rival to chatbots like ChatGPT but received lackluster reviews during demonstrations, leading to criticism from Google staff, who dubbed the launch as “botched” and criticized CEO Sundar Pichai.

Now rebranded as Gemini, Google is presenting it as the company’s “most capable family of models” for natural conversations. Gemini offers two experiences: Gemini Advanced and a mobile app.

Gemini Advanced provides access to Ultra 1.0, Google’s touted “largest and most capable state-of-the-art AI model.” In blind evaluations, third-party assessors favored Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 for complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration over other alternatives.

This AI can function as a tutor, creating personalized lessons and quizzes, and assisting developers with challenging coding problems. Gemini Advanced is designed to inspire ideas and strategize ways for creators to expand their audiences.

Google plans to enhance Gemini Advanced’s capabilities over time with exclusive features like expanded multimodal interactions, interactive coding, deeper data analysis, and more. Currently available in over 150 countries in English, additional language support is on the horizon.

Access to Gemini Advanced comes with a new $19.99 (£18.99) per month subscription called Google One AI Premium Plan, which includes a free two-month trial. Subscribers not only receive the latest Google AI advancements but also get 2TB of storage from the existing Premium plan.

Google assures that Gemini Advanced underwent thorough trust and safety checks before launch, including external reviews, to address concerns related to unsafe content and bias. More information on these checks is available in an updated technical report (PDF).

In addition to Gemini Advanced, Google has introduced mobile apps for Android and iOS to access basic Gemini features while on the go. Users can seek assistance with images, tasks, and more. Google envisions Gemini evolving into a true personal AI assistant.

The Gemini mobile apps are currently available in the US as a dedicated app on Android and within the Google app on iOS, supporting English conversations initially. Expansion to Japan and Korea is slated for next week, followed by further releases in more countries and languages.

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