"Bayrağı Yakala" CTF Competition Done!

On May 25th, we organized an exciting “Capture the Flag” (CTF) competition for high school students across Turkey. This event aimed to raise cybersecurity awareness among young individuals and to develop their skills. Our organizing team meticulously planned every stage of the event, aiming to provide an unforgettable experience for the students.

The competition concluded with great success, showcasing the students’ talents and enthusiasm in the field of cybersecurity. Participants solved complex cybersecurity problems, demonstrating their technical skills and seizing the opportunity to exchange knowledge with one another. This event not only contributed to the training of future cybersecurity experts but also increased the interest and motivation of young people in this field.

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RaConf’24, an important event in the field of cybersecurity, was held on April 18-19-20. Organized under the sponsorship of Blackbox Security – Technology & Cybersecurity Think Tank.

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