Hacker Camp 2023

Hacker Camp 2023
Hacker Camp 2023
Hacker Camp 2023
Hacker Camp 2023

HackerCamp 2023

Siber Security Needs New Heroes!

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and widespread.

Hackercamp, a special event for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, will bring together 100 participants in collaboration with BTK Academy & Libraries and Publications General Directorate, USOM, Anchor Security, Brandefense, Cyber Clubs Union, Blackbox Security, and PHISHY.

The “RAMI-Hackercamp” event is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity, receive training from leading experts in the industry, and contribute to the future of cybersecurity in Turkey. Taking place on November 25-26, 2023, at the Istanbul Rami Library, this event offers participants opportunities for learning and creativity in various areas.”

Steps to Attend Hackercamp


To participate in Hackercamp, follow these steps:


Click on the application link at the bottom of the page and complete your individual application.

In the application form, enter your university email address in the email field.

(……[email protected]) Participate in the pre-selection exam to be held through the BTK Academy Online Training Portal (www.btkakademi.gov.tr).

Achieve the highest score in the pre-selection exam to secure your place among the top 100 participants.


Where Will Hackercamp Take Place?


Hackercamp will be held at the Istanbul Rami Library.


Who Can Attend Hackercamp?


  • Students under the age of 30 who are currently pursuing Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees (University email addresses with the edu.tr extension must be entered in the email field of the application form.)
  • Aspiring to build a career in the field of Cybersecurity,
  • Seeking to advance their current experiences to an advanced level.


Important Notices About Hackercamp


  • The entry link for the pre-selection exam will only be sent to the university email addresses specified by the participants in the application form. Those who provide a different email address will not receive the exam link.
  • The pre-selection exam will be conducted online through the BTK Academy Online Training Portal. The exam questions will be multiple-choice.
  • Participants taking the pre-selection exam must have logged into the BTK Academy Online Training Portal (www.btkakademi.gov.tr) through E-Government by November 16, 2023. Otherwise, the exam link cannot be generated for them.
  • Only the top 100 individuals with the highest scores in the pre-selection exam can proceed to Hackercamp. In case of candidates having the same score as the last candidate, the completion time of the exam will be considered.